Let your heart be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love–Rumi

Try this contemplative use of Rumi’s words:  Take each major concept into your mind and heart, reflecting on what it would mean for you to:

‘let your heart be’                

let your heart be silently drawn’ 

‘the stronger pull of what you really love’

How do you know when you are ‘letting,’ allowing, releasing, freeing…? Can you remember a time you have felt it?

When your heart allows, what is your mind doing?  Your breath?  Your face? Your eyes?

What do you really love?  Does it show in how you spend your time and energy, money, work? In who you spend time with?


Rumi was a devout Muslim of the 14th century, a Sufi, and worked as a legal advisor in Islamic law. As the third religion under the Tent of Abraham, Islam offers Jews and Christians poetry of loving devotion and longing for the One. All religious traditions speak of Love. Islamic mystical poetry invites us into contemplation: am I ready to surrender into the Love that is stronger than me?Image